I say this as a huge fan of Toon Link and The Wind Waker in general: Toon Link needs to go.

As I sat there binging A Link Between Worlds the other day, which I finally found time for, this struck me. Specifically, it hit me as I was playing through the "advanced" course of the Treacherous Tower (a tower consisting of 50 rooms of enemies to fight your way through).

Why in the name of Farore aren't they using this Link in the upcoming Smash Bros.?

I maneuvered between enemy hordes, switching between various items and fighting strategies more than in any other Zelda game as I played through that tower. It hit me how variant his in-game moveset was. One moment I was lobbing a bomb and running, the next I was covering a straight line ahead of me in flame with the Fire Rod, then I was freezing an enemy and introducing them to my hammer, then I was using the Tornado Rod to stun a few enemies around me, so on and so forth.


Now, this is why I think he would make such a better addition...but also, consequently, possibly why they didn't add him. Toon Link is essentially regular Link's doppelgänger. There are small differences in how they play—Toon Link is more agile and has a wonderfully overpowered down-A—but they share a moveset as the characters are largely the same and utilize the same items in their respective games, which most likely makes for less work to program, model and animate.

That's why having A Link Between Worlds's Link would have been so interesting. Think about it: he has so many tools he could use in interesting ways, plus all of their "classic" items in case they were too lazy to create a whole new slew of moves and wanted a modified reskin like Toon Link.

I mean, Up-B wouldn't have to be a sword-spin to save himself, the Tornado Rod fits that purpose well. It could lift him into the air as well as blow people away à la Link's Gale Boomerang. Maybe Side-B would use the Fire/Ice Rod, either sending a pillar of flame across the ground or dropping ice from above.


Hell, the rods on their own could make up a hefty portion of his attacks. He has four in total: the Fire Rod, Ice Rod, Tornado Rod and Sand Rod. I'm not sure what the Sand Rod could do (in the game it summons pillars of sand in front of you that you can use to cross gaps), but I'm sure that with a little creative thinking that something would work.

He could even make for some interesting animations. Perhaps his dodge would have him go portrait-mode into the background for a moment. But the main thing is that it would be one less clone in Smash Bros. while retaining, more or less, the same character.


What excites me the most is the potential smash attacks. He could just copy Link's Triforce Slash, but that would be a waste if he were wholly original. Instead, **A LINK BETWEEN WORLDS EQUIPMENT SPOILERS**, in A Link Between Worlds, there's a creature named Mother Maimai who, if you help her out, will upgrade each one of your items to a more powerful version of itself. The Fire Rods's flame pillar is larger with further reach, the Bow shoots three arrows instead of one, Bombs have a larger radius, etc. His final smash could be a form—like Wario's, Bowser's or Sonic's—and it could put him in the Red Tunic, give him the fully-upgraded Master Sword and upgraded versions of each of his items. **END OF SPOILERS**

If not that, there are still plenty of other options unique to this version of Link. Perhaps something to do with Lorule or his painting ability. Perhaps allowing him to flatten into the background of the stage and hit people while they can't hit him. Hell, even something like turning into a painting while flocks of angry cuccos bombard the rest of the map would be entertaining and iconic to the series (as well as relevant, thanks to the Cucco Run minigame).


I mean, it makes sense, right? Nintendo usually, for Link, uses the most current incarnation. The Link we'll be seeing in Smash Bros. U is rumoured by some to be the model for the next Zelda game. Melee came out when Majora's Mask was still fresh and featured adult Link alongside Kid Link. Kid Link was replaced by Toon Link in Brawl since Wind Waker was more relevant then.

So this is perplexing...A Link Between Worlds was announced and shown months before we saw the new Smash Bros., so it isn't like they would have been afraid to spoil anything. They didn't confirm Toon Link in the game for several more months...it seems like such a wasted opportunity.

I suppose there's no changing it now, but the least we can do is wish it had happened. It would have been so timely and relevant, and frankly it's incredibly surprising to me that it didn't happen. They could've even featured a swapping Hyrule/Lorule level in the 3DS version of the game. Sigh.


Oh well. I guess it's back to trying my first no-heart-pieces run in A Link Between Worlds...